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Alumni Testimonials

"Torah, in its broadest sense, is what gives us legitimacy and authenticity as k'lei kodesh (those who serve the Jewish people). While there are many excellent teachers, books, website and webinars where Torah can be learned, few are at the level of excellence of HUC-JIR's Continuing Alumni Education. And no other site combines the depth of Torah l'shma with the practical ways Jewish professionals can introduce this material to others.

I have gained much personally from the wide range of engaging courses offered, but have also loved bringing some of the material to the teens and adults I teach. Many of the classes include curricula, which are invaluable aids to teaching others, and help us as teachers focus our thoughts on what we wish to convey.

What is also wonderful is to hear how some of the best thinkers in liberal Jewish life seek to integrate the texts of our tradition with what it means to live as a modern Jew. The offerings of the HUC-JIR Continuing Education program are intellectually engaging, easily accessible, spiritually deep and meaningful. I recommend them to you ... and your most engaged learners."
Irwin Zeplowitz, '84
"Thank you for a very informative and engaging course! It was easy to locate and download course materials from the internet. I wasn't able to listen to two of the three course sessions at the time they were scheduled, and I appreciated the opportunity to listen to them later at my convenience. I think the course design and scheduling was very well thought out to take into account the demands placed on rabbis' time. Thank you for this opportunity! This was the first distance course I took and I'm sure that I will sign up for others."
Linda Motzkin. '86
"As a rabbi serving in an isolated area, distance learning is a real lifeline for me. The ability to study text with our teachers, at my own pace and on my own schedule, is intellectually and spiritually stimulating. While nothing can replace the experience of being present with a teacher in a classroom, learning with the Joint Commission (and now the CAE) helps to quench my thirst for Torah between kallot and conventions."
Rabbi Larry Bach, '98

"The sheer opportunity to participate in focused study with HUC faculty; the quality of the introductory presentations; the eclecticism of the presentations, involving both scholarly and practical approaches to the text (Rabbi Chernick's overall intro was especially useful.)"
Paul Golomb, '75
"I enjoyed the classes I took. It was helpful to have background information to prepare for the text studies which I did in chevruta. The video introductions were helpful whether it was the first time you met the teacher or enjoyed seeing an old friend. I think the video that stands out the most is when Michael Marmur taught "on location with the donkeys." The learning itself was priceless and the free laughter was healing!"
Faith Joy Dantowitz, '93

"I registered at the very last minute and was hooked up with ease. Accessing the online materials was simple. The lectures were wonderful, and the opportunity to ask questions was useful and easy to accomplish. I actually was on the road for the second presentation listening via my cell phone (with a safe ear set). Thanks again for all of your work."
Louis Rieser, '75
"Keep it up. The idea of these internet studies with HUC faculty is fabulous, a terrific way for those in "the field" to do some continuing Talmud Torah and to do so with faculty from our Seminary. Yashar Koach!"
Dan Alexander, '79
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