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Especially for Alumni...

HUC-JIR Alumni Resources Include (to go to these resources, please click on the actual graphic images below:)

JSP -- Jewish Studies Portal:

  • Bar-Ilan Responsa
  • Bibleworks
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Library
  • Encyclopedia Judaica
  • Electronic Journals and Articles
  • Davka Writer and MS Word

Klau Library

American Jewish Archive

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

As a member in good standing of our HUC-JIR Alumni Associations (Rabbinic, SSM, RHSOE, NYSOE, SJCS, Graduate School) you have special access to a number of resources that the College-Institute makes available for your use as Alumni. For many years, alumni have had access to our libraries and archival holdings. We are now pleased to offer preferred access to those resources for members of our Alumni organizations as well as, starting later this spring, password-protected access to our newest resource, the HUC-JIR online Jewish Studies Portal (JSP). The JSP includes full 24/7 use of a growing electronic collection of many of the essential sources that Jewish professionals and teachers of Judaism need for learning, program development and research, all in searchable and downloadable formats. Our current programs include Bar-Ilan Responsa Project (14), Bibleworks, Dead Sea Scrolls Library, Encyclopedia Judaica (1974 & 2007 editions), Judaic Classics and online Electronic Journals and Articles, as well as fully functioning versions of Davka Writer and Microsoft Word (our version of "cloud" computing).

This means that those alumni who have paid their dues for the past year will receive, as a benefit of their membership, continuing and preferred access to the ever growing resources of the Klau Library and American Jewish Archives, as well as new and free access to some of the best electronic resources available in the Jewish Studies world today. Not up to date on your dues? No problem -- pay your dues now and receive instant access to all of these benefits and resources.

We've listed a description of the benefits and/or resources below. For the JSP -- Jewish Studies Portal, you'll also find a very helpful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and technical support guide to help you get started. To make things even easier, we've setup a special one-stop email address (alumni@huc.edu) that you can use for help with all of your "Especially for Alumni" concerns and questions -- from how to pay your dues to how to retrieve your lost password. Of course, be sure to read the FAQ first to see if the answer is already there... but if it's not, we'll get your question to the right person.


JSPJewish Studies Portal
JSP (available spring 2010)

Bar-Ilan Responsa 14

The Responsa Project from Bar-Ilan University offers an enormous database of Jewish texts including the Bible, Mishnah, Tosefta, the Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud) and the Bavli (Babylonian Talmud), Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, Karo's Shulhan Arukh, large selections of Responsa, plus hundreds of other major halakhic texts. All the major Midrashim, the Zohar and many other aggadic texts are also available. It even includes the completed sections of the Talmudic Encyclopedia, Gematria tools, and many other features. It is easy find materials and compare sources, or follow a verse as it is explicated in different eras and locales. Materials are available only in Hebrew (though menus can be displayed in English) and the selected works can be cut-and-pasted to other programs or printed in a variety of fonts and formats.


In addition to the Hebrew text, this premier biblical database allows users to search through over a 190 translations of the Bible in over 40 languages. Additional tools include dictionaries and grammars, complete texts and translations of Philo and Josephus, maps, the ability to compare versions of each text in parallel windows, and the capacity for complex Boolean searches. Placing your cursor over a word tells you the particulars of that word -- including translation and parsing of forms. Texts can easily be cut and pasted to other software. The ability to translate materials and compare versions makes this a wonderful resource for personal study, teaching and/or sermon preparation.

Dead Sea Scrolls Library

This comprehensive electronic reference work includes the full text of the Dead Sea Scrolls, indices, translations and actual high-quality images of the scrolls themselves.

Encyclopaedia Judaica (1974 and 2007 editions)

These two classic works of contemporary Jewish studies are now available and searchable online. In addition to the in-depth written articles, these works include visual and audio material as well as charts and maps. Thousands of the world's leading scholars in their fields contributed to the more than 21,000 pieces in the newest edition. The topics covered include historic, philosophic, cultural, and biographic materials.

Judaic Classics

This set of databases from Davka corporation incorporates a small portion of the texts listed above in the Responsa collection. It does, however, add an English version of the Tanakh, Zohar, Mishnah and Babylonian Talmud, and includes some other useful indices.

Electronic Journals and Articles

Through a variety of databases, thousands of full-text online journals and articles are now available. That means you can read the actual articles online, keeping up with the latest scholarship. You can also utilize the sophisticated search functions to find the exact topic, author or title you need.

DavkaWriter and MS Word

This latest version of this classic Hebrew-English word processor is available online to the alumni of the college through the JSP. The accessible interface with pop-up keyboard makes it possible to create bilingual documents and easily add nikkud or trope. Having this resource online makes it possible to create and access DavkaWriter documents from any computer without loading the software. Microsoft Word is also available online so that it is possible to use its special and familiar tools and quickly create materials from any computer. Plus it comes pre-installed with Hebrew fonts and Hebrew-English word processing ability, to allow you to edit material within the JSP.

The HUC-JIR Libraries

librariesMembers in good standing of the Alumni Association of HUC-JIR may borrow up to 10 items at a time. Items available for loan include bound books and microfilm. Periodicals do not circulate. We can photocopy articles for a fee of $15 per page.

Alumni may borrow library materials (except microfilm) either in person or through a written request. Microfilm must be requested through the interlibrary loan department of another library.

The loan period for bound books is three months, renewable upon written request for two more three-month periods - after which the items must be returned. For library purposes items may be recalled at any time and must be returned immediately. The loan period for microfilms is one month renewable for one month.

Please note that all items may be recalled after one month if requested by another patron.

All items should be returned to the library either UPS or FedEx for ease in tracking.

To request materials from the Libraries, please write to:

Ms. Marilyn Krider mkrider@huc.edu
HUC-JIR Library
3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

The American Jewish Archives

archivesThe Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives (AJA) houses over ten million pages of documentation. It contains over 10,000 linear feet of archives, manuscripts, newsprint materials, photographs, audio and video tapes, microfilm, and genealogical materials.  The Virtual Alumni Resources Gateway provides direct access to the AJA website where all researchers can access the online catalog, view exhibits, and request information.  As a member in good standing of the Alumni Association of HUC-JIR, you will receive a 25% discount on all materials requested including paper copies, digital images, photographs, etc.  The professionals at the AJA are happy to assist with a variety of research requests from all areas of our collection.

For material from the Archives, please contact:

Kevin Proffitt kproffitt@huc.edu
American Jewish Archives
3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220



Technical and Administrative Support

Online help can be found by clicking here.

1. For Administrative and Logistical Help...

For REGISTRATION or other GENERAL Continuing Education questions, please contact:

Ruth Abusch-Magder
Director, Department of Continuing Alumni Education
(973) 275-1789

2. For Technical Assistance or Problems...

For problems with access, documents downloads, audio/video technology, or other technical problems, please contact:

Department of eLearning, HUC-JIR
(800) 899-0925 ext. 4236

Please describe your problem and include a phone number in case we need to contact you directly.
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