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The complete two-year series now available.

Welcome to our most acclaimed series. Developed with our partners at HUC-JIR's Department of eLearning, these programs feature 10 HUC-JIR scholars presenting texts from classic and contemporary sources. Each text is chosen by our exceptional faculty for its remarkable content and because of the unique way in which it represents the approach and paradigms of its genre. Some texts will be familiar and others you may never have studied before – in either case, you will learn about them and see them in a new and different light.

You can subscribe to the entire two-year series or register for each course individually. You will find these purchase options in the Complete Course Catalogue.

2 Year Series – all 10 scholars - $360
(a savings of $140)
Individual sessions - $50
How the Program Works:

Each of the programs in the 10 Great Texts series is designed in four parts (originally four weekly segments but you can advance at whatever pace suits you best). We’ve included some sample content with each week’s descriptions (to wet your appetite)!

The first set of resources (Week 1) include a video interview with the scholar and written background material (which can be downloaded) to set the context for what you will be studying.


Michael Marmur
"On Location"

David Ellenson

Rick Sarason

Carole Balin
In the next stage (Week 2) you will begin exploring the actual text. We encourage you to engage in chevruta or small group study, if possible, addressing the questions and/or activity provided by the presenting scholar.


David Aaron
"Study Texts"
The third set of materials (Week 3) include the continuing written thoughts of the scholars as they share their analysis and understanding of the text. You can also download and listen to an MP3 recording of the teleconference, captured during the live presentation of the course, where scholars and participants converse about the text, its analysis, and any issues raised in the online/email discussion.


Norman Cohen
Digest #2"

Alyssa Gray
"Alyssa's Call"

Eliyahu Schleifer
"Concluding Remarks"
As good as the first three parts of the course are, the final set of resources (Week 4) is where 10 Great Texts truly shines and is unlike most other continuing education programs. Here you’ll find premiere educational materials to use with the text you have just studied. These teaching guides and lesson plans, complete with handouts and activities, have been created by our two guest educators for use in (usually) both adult study and teenage or confirmation-type settings.


In the area below you will find all ten faculty members and the titles of their courses.
Rollover any of the images to see "who's who" and click on an image to learn more about that faculty member.

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