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Continuing Education and Professional Development

In keeping with our mission of promoting teaching and research in ethics, HUC-UC Ethics Center offers accredited continuing education opportunities in ethics to many professionals in medical, legal, social work, education, realty, and other fields. These continuing education programs enhance public debate on contemporary ethical and moral issues, focusing on their dimensions in law, medicine, religion, and other professions. At the same time, professionals can fulfill the requirements for continuing education credits that many professions demand. More than 250 professionals have taken advantage of this service in the past few years. The programs are usually open to the public.

For questions concerning continuing education opportunities and upcoming events, please contact HUC-UC Ethics Center at 513-221-1875 ext. 3367 or by email:

Previous Programs
Previous Programs

Symposium on Poverty, Welfare, and Religion: Poverty and Displacement
(May 6-7, 2006)
HUC-UC Ethics Center and the Graduate College of Union Institute & University convened their second annual Symposium on Poverty, Welfare, and Religion at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, Ohio, from May 6-7, 2006. The theme of the interdisciplinary symposium was the historical complexities of displacement and poverty focusing on religious thought and practice and the implications of war, natural disasters, and migration.

Symposium on Religious Perceptions of Poverty & Welfare Policy
(May 7-9, 2005)
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Zero Tolerance – Education and Justice for All?
(April, 2002)

End-of-Life Treatment and Care – Religious and Secular Perspectives
(October, 2001)

Calling Cincinnati Home – Ethical Decisions in Housing
(September, 2001)

Concentrations of Wealth...Concentrations of Poverty – Homelessness and Ethical Decisions in Housing
(September, 2001)

Seminar on Predatory Lending, Reverse Mortgages, and Lead Hazards in Housing
(September, 2001)

Violence Against Women – Family, Faith Communities, and the Law
(November, 2000)

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