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News at HUC-JIR
  • Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk, Chancellor Emeritus, Participates in Catholic-Jewish Conference at Vatican
    The four-day conference of 75 representatives from churches and synagogues across the United States and Vatican leadership focused on challenges facing Jewish-Catholic relations.
  • Recent Books by HUC-JIR Alumni
    Frederick E. Greenspahn, C '73, edited The Hebrew Bible: New Insights and Scholarship, published by NYU Press. Dundurn Press published two works by Johnathan V. Plaut, C '70, DHL '77, The Jews of Windsor, 1790-1990 - A Historical Chronicle and One Voice: The Selected Sermons of W. Gunther Plaut, C '39.
  • HUC-JIR School of Sacred Music and the H.L. Miller Cantorial School of JTS Join Together for the Joint Project of Women's Song
    HUC-JIR has five remarkable first-year students in the School for Sacred Music and has recently piloted a new project in conjunction with JTS first-year cantorial students. The project is not only unique because it is the first time the students are working and learning together in Jerusalem, but additionally, all the first year students from both HUC-JIR and JTS are women.
    Spotlight on HUC-JIR's Programs and
    Research Resources
  • Judaism, Health, and Healing for Physicians – Distance Education Course from the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health
    The Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health, in partnership with Temple Chai in Phoenix, Arizona, is offering a program of Jewish study for Jewish physicians. The goal is to use Jewish study as a source of renewal - to help physicians integrate clinical and spiritual life. It is for physicians interested in exposure to Jewish learning related to Judaism and health and is available as a distance education course.
  • HUC Press Publishes Let Me Continue to Speak the Truth: Bertha Pappenheim as Author and Activist, by Elizabeth Loentz
    In 1953 Freud biographer Ernest Jones revealed that the famous hysteric Anna O. was really Bertha Pappenheim (1859-1936), the prolific author, German-Jewish feminist, pioneering social worker, and activist. Elizabeth Loentz directs attention away from the young woman who arguably invented the "talking cure" and back to Pappenheim and her post-Anna O. achievements, especially her writings, which reveal her to be one of the most versatile, productive, influential, and controversial Jewish thinkers and leaders of her time.
    Upcoming Events at HUC-JIR
  • Archeology Lecture at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem
    HUC-JIR/Jerusalem will hold an Archeology Lecture: The Discovery of King Herod's Tomb at Herodium (in Hebrew) with Ehud Netzer on Thursday, Dec 27, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.
    HUC-JIR in the News
  • Jews and Muslims Set Up Big Interfaith Effort – The Washington Post
    "As a once-persecuted minority in countries where anti-Semitism is still a force, we understand the plight of Muslims in North America today," said Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism.
  • Reform Leader Embraces Shabbat as Antidote to 'Microwave Culture' – The Jerusalem Post
    "It will mean... approaching Shabbat with the creativity that has always distinguished Reform Judaism," said Rabbi Yoffie. "It will mean emphasizing the 'Thou shalts' of Shabbat candles and Kiddush, rest and study, prayer and community - rather than the 'Thou shalt nots.'"
  • Summer Activities Push Camps to Offer Variety – The Jewish Journal
    A study, conducted by Steven M. Cohen, HUC-JIR research professor of Jewish social policy, found that Jewish kids are twice as likely to attend nonsectarian camps as Jewish camps, and that a high percentage of kids attend multiple camps in one summer, some of them Jewish, some of them nonsectarian specialty camps.
  • A Brighter Polish Future – The Jewish Chronicle
    Warsaw's new Reform Rabbi, U.S.-born Bert Schuman, N '95, also sees newly religious Jews in his congregation, where members gather for services, study, and meals. Jews increasingly feel safe here – whether in an Orthodox or Reform setting. Poland today is, by many accounts, both supportive of Israel and of its own Jewish communities.
  • Rural Converts Journey Into Judaism – The Forward
    Dozens of Cairo, IL residents – all African American and ranging from toddler to senior citizen – visited a mikveh in Memphis on December 9 and took the plunge into conversion. It was the culmination of an 18-month spiritual journey that has brought a number of Reform and Conservative Jews into common cause with a group of spiritual seekers from a town that is predominantly black and poor.
  • Torah That Moves – The Jewish Journal
    The "performer" was a modestly dressed Jewish woman in her early 40s named Andrea Hodos, an artist-in-residence at HUC-JIR, and we met in one of their conference rooms as part of their "Lunch and Learn" series. Hodos came to enlighten us on "the power of the body to think and the mind to move." I could have heard this kind of Torah at any synagogue, but at HUC-JIR that day, I didn't just hear it. I saw it, experienced it and felt it -- I saw how the interplay of words and movement can add new layers of meaning.
  • A Renewed Emphasis On Shabbat – The Jewish Week
    Talk to rabbinical students at HUC-JIR and you learn that many of them are deeply committed to a level of Jewish learning and observance that surpasses those of earlier generations of rabbis. But the students would be the first to acknowledge the wide gap between the minority of young people like them in the movement and the majority of Reform members who are far removed from religious practice.
  • Why A Women's Torah Commentary? – The Jewish Week
    For much of the long and illustrious history of Jewish biblical exegesis, commentaries have been written by men. Such commentaries typically aim to elucidate the plain sense of the text and make the Bible meaningful for subsequent generations. "The Torah: A Women's Commentary" strives to do the same.
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