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Richard J. Scheuer, Chairman Emeritus of HUC-JIR and the Jewish Museum in New York, Dies at 91 Years
"Richard Scheuer's mission to advance liberal Judaism in a pluralistic, Jewish State of Israel - a mission grounded in his passion for biblical history and archaeological research and publication - shaped his vision for the expansion of our Jerusalem campus, the growth of our Israeli rabbinical and education programs, and the launching of the Tali school system for pluralistic education in Israel. His devotion to the College-Institute, commitment to the State of Israel, and love for the Jewish people as well as his intellectual curiosity, generous spirit, and warm and kind heart will endure as an abiding source of inspiration," said Rabbi David Ellenson, HUC-JIR President.
Richard J. Scheuer, z"l, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Governors, HUC-JIR, Eulogy presented by Rabbi David Ellenson on November 10, 2008
"Our generations and our people have been blessed to have such a leader. Few generations are blessed with a Richard Scheuer. It is an honor bestowed upon us that we have the privilege to eulogize him and to say farewell to his physical presence today in Larchmont Temple."
Richard J. Scheuer, z"l, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Governors, HUC-JIR, Eulogy presented by Rabbi Naamah Kelman on November 10, 2008
"I thought Dick Scheuer would live least I hoped he would live forever. He seemed to get younger in so many ways, open to new ideas new directions that those much younger would resist. Who else was rooted in the artistry and science of archeology, digging centuries back and at the same time, plant (and I used that word intentionally) a kindergarten on the Jerusalem campus of Hebrew Union College, his campus."
Rabbi David Ellenson to Speak at United Jewish Communities 2008 General Assembly Plenary in Jerusalem on 'Conversion Crisis'
Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President of HUC-JIR, will participate in a panel discussion on the 'Conversion Crisis' at the United Jewish Communities 2008 General Assembly Plenary in Jerusalem on Sunday, November 16.
Six Rabbis to be Ordained at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem on November 14, 2008; Inaugural Cohort of Eleven Mezorim (Pastoral Care Givers) Receive Certificates; Rachel Cowan to Receive President's Medallion
Rabbi David Ellenson will ordain six new rabbis for the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism at the Academic Convocation at HUC-JIR's Jerusalem campus on Friday, November 14. The inaugural cohort of eleven Mezorim (Pastoral Care Givers) will receive certificates. Rabbi Rachel Cowan will receive the President's Medallion for her pioneering work in Jewish Spirituality, which has been a source of inspiration for the Mezorim program. Dr. Michael Meyer will be a featured speaker, and Rabbi Gary Tischkoff will be awarded the Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa. The event will be attended by Israeli academic and communal leaders, members of HUC-JIR's Board of Governors, and the Jerusalem Board of Overseers. Full coverage and photos will appear in next week's HUCNews Digest. The program will begin with a memorial tribute to Richard J. Scheuer, z"l, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Governors, and on Monday, November 17, the HUC-JIR academic community will join together for a program of study in his memory
Spotlight on HUC-JIR's Programs and
Research Resources
Publication of the American Jewish Archives Journal Volume LIX 2007 Number 1 & 2
The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives (AJA) has just published The American Jewish Archives Journal Volume LIX 2007 Numbers 1 & 2. Edited by Gary P. Zola, Ph.D., the AJA Journal features an article by Mark K. Bauman, numerous documentary analyses, book reviews, and recent archival acquisitions.
HUC-JIR Professor Reuven Firestone Publishes Who are the Real Chosen People: The Meaning of Chosenness in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Religious people who define themselves as monotheists have often advanced the idea that their relationship with God is unique and superior to all others. Theirs supersedes those who came before, and is superior to those who have followed. This phenomenon tends to be expressed in terms not only of supersessionism, but also "chosenness," or "election." Who is most beloved by God? What expression of the divine will is the most perfect? Which relationship reflects God's ultimate demands or desire?
HUC-JIR in the News
L.A. Jews Celebrate Yanov Torah's Survival - The Los Angeles Times
Carrying the fragile scroll beneath a chuppah, Herman's widow and grandson presented it to the rabbis and rabbinic students HUC-JIR/LA. The students, in turn, will carry the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, to their internships at synagogues throughout California.
The President-Elect and a Renewed Alliance - The New Jersey Jewish News
Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, Vice President for Special Projects at HUC-JIR, writes "Perhaps it was Obama's background and values that brought Jews back to the fold. Tikun olam - repairing the world - is actually part of Obama's Hebrew vocabulary. (I heard him use the phrase passionately and pronounce it correctly.) And isn't this what we are about: to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate the ignorant, and let the oppressed go free? As Ari Wallach of wrote, "His biography feels so Jewish. It feels like an Ellis Island archetype."
Author Provides Brief Intro to Islam for Jews - The Jewish Exponent
"I do not believe that religion is the cause of the world's problems, but I do believe it can be part of the solution," HUC-JIR Professor Reuven Firestone has stated in the book's introduction. "Jews, as never before, have a pressing need to understand the history, theology, and practice of Muslims and Islam."
Passage of Prop. 8 Reveals Rift Between Denominations - The Jewish Journal
Social justice is also a central pillar of Jewish faith, said Joel Kushner, Director of the Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation at HUC-JIR. "This goes against everything we believe in. We were strangers in Egypt -- we should treat others fairly because we know what it's like being a stranger," said Kushner
Nov. 18 Lecture to Focus on 'Becoming a Spiritual Synagogue' - Staten Island Advance
"Becoming a Spiritual Synagogue in a Post-Ethnic Era" will be the topic of a lecture by Rabbi Dr. Lawrence Hoffman at 8 p.m. Nov. 18 in Wagner College's Spiro Hall. The lecture is free and open to the public.
Upcoming Events at HUC-JIR
Rabbi Donniel Hartman to Present Dr. Fritz Bamberger Memorial Lecture: 'The New Narratives of Modern Israel' at HUC-JIR/NY
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, Co-Director of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, will present the 2008-2009 Dr. Fritz Bamberger Memorial Lecture on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
RHSOE Alumni Sponsor a Day of Learning at HUC-JIR/NY, November 18, 2008
The day is open to all RHSOE and NYSOE alumni in addition to partners from the Experiment in Congregational Education. The program is entitled On the Edge of Possibility: Focus on Supplementary Schools, and will focus on the soon-to-be-published study, funded by the AVI CHAI foundation, entitled Learning and Community: Jewish Supplementary Schools in the 21st Century.
Integrating Sephardi and Mizrachi Studies: Research and Practice November 16-18, 2008 at HUC-JIR/LA
This conference will review the current state of Sephardic Studies and provide research from scholars and offer models of integration for teachers. Public programs will feature scholars and members of the Los Angeles Jewish community.
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