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News at HUC-JIR
IJSO-Sponsored Survey of Jewish Synagogues Presents Deep Support for Inclusion of LGBT Jews in Jewish Communities
The Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation (IJSO) at HUC-JIR is teaming up with Jewish Mosaic to launch a welcoming congregations program for the LGBT community. "Several Jewish denominations have guidelines that support welcoming but there has never been a comprehensive national structure and program to help individual congregations actually live up to the resolutions their denominations have passed. We are going to change that," said Dr. Joel Kushner, director of the IJSO at HUC-JIR. For more on the IJSO, click here.
Slides from LGBT Study Available Online [Powerpoint]
The preliminary results from the 2009 Synagogue Survey on Diversity and LGBT Inclusion by Dr. Caryn Aviv, Dr. Steven M. Cohen, and Dr. Judith Veinstein are available to view online.
Dr. Gary P. Zola Invited by Governor Ted Strickland to Participate in Interfaith Luncheon
Dr. Gary P. Zola, Executive Director of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, has been invited by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to speak at Thursday's Interfaith Luncheon, "Serving Ohio Together, Celebrating Our Common Humanity."
Upcoming Events at HUC-JIR
Judith Margolis: Countdown to Perfection-Meditations on the Sefirot at HUC-JIR/NY Museum
Judith Margolis, an Israel-based American artist, makes one-of-a-kind and limited edition artist's books. This exceptional Omer Counter identifies forty-nine personality traits that, taken together, map a mystical journey of change. An examination of kabalistic insights and meditations offers personal inspiration and spiritual discipline. A reception will be held Wednesday, March 25, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at HUC-JIR/NY.
Professor Emeritus Gerald Bubis's Lectures and Publications
Gerald Bubis, Professor Emeritus of HUC-JIR/LA, addressed the national meeting of the Administrative section of the American Psychological Association on Tuesday, March 3, 2009. On March 17, Bubis will address the Association of Jewish Aging at their national meeting in La Jolla, LA on "Tomorrow's Jewish Aged". On April 17, 2009, Bubis will be speaking at Temple Beth Israel on the "Role of the Jewish Communal Professional in the Synagogue". Bubis also wrote a chapter In HUC-JIR graduate Roberta Louis Goodman's book, What We Now Know About Jewish Education, which won a Jewish Book Council award in its category.
Spotlight on HUC-JIR's Programs and
Research Resources
AJA Fellowship Program: 2009-2010 Call for Applications
The Fellowship program of The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives was established in 1977 by the late Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus. Since its inception, more than 350 scholars from over twenty countries have been named Marcus Center Fellows. Applicants for the Marcus Center Fellowship Program must be conducting serious research in some area relating to the history of North American Jewry.
URJ Offers Resources for Creating Synagogues Welcoming Diversity - URJ
A brochure produced by the URJ that will guide your congregation "Honoring Diversity, Seeking Inclusion and Building a Community of Common Purpose" provides suggestions and practical steps to help congregations of all sizes create a warm and inviting environment that embraces diversity.
New WRJ Study Guide for Parashat Tzav Now Available
The New Study Guide for The Torah: A Women's Commentary, Parashat Tzav, is now available online. Download the files to share with your study group, sisterhood, and congregants.
HUC-JIR in the News
Signs of a System 'In Chaos' - Haaretz
Rabbi David Ellenson, the President of HUC-JIR, recalled the retroactive nullification last year of thousands of conversions performed by the state-sponsored Conversion Authority headed by Rabbi Haim Druckman, "That Jewish identity can be revoked," he said, "means an erosion of the certainty that each of us can have in our faith."
Bridging Jewish Divides Through Study of Torah - New Jersey Jewish News
Jews from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and "religiously secular" backgrounds gathered to study in Jerusalem at what Michael Marmur, Dean of HUC-JIR/Jerusalem and the keynote speaker of the event, half-joking referred to as "the largest gathering of its type ever to take place in the entire solar system."
Fostering Jewish Pluralism in Israel - The Jerusalem Post
The Batei Midrash Network, a group of pluralistic organizations dedicated to Jewish learning throughout Israel, hosted this landmark day of learning at the Jerusalem International Convention Center on Friday, the fourth day of the weeklong Central Conference of American Rabbis Jerusalem 2009 Convention.
Fresh Rift Seen Over New Israeli Conversion Rules - The Jewish Week
Israel's Interior Ministry is poised to institute new, stricter guidelines for diaspora converts wishing to immigrate to Israel. According to the new guidelines, spelled out in a two-page draft document in the works since 2005, potential converts from all religious streams seeking to make aliyah must study Judaism a minimum of 350 hours in "a recognized: Jewish community.
For These Two, Stereotypes are a Real Joke - The Miami Herald
Rabbi Bob Alper, ordained at HUC-JIR/C' 72, and Azhar Usman, a Muslim comic had a four day tour starting at Temple Beth El in Hollywood, Fl. They have performed together for three years as a way to "break down ridiculous stereotypes."
Rabbi Naamah Kelman Participates in Christian-Jewish Dialogue - Journal Chretien
Rabbi Naamah Kelman discusses the political obstacles to Christian-Jewish dialogue within the context of the Middle East, and appeals to Christian organizations to condemn anti-Semitism and affirm Israel's right to exist. (Article in French)
God's Hidden Name Revealed - Reform Judaism
Rabbi Mark Sameth, N '98, writes, "It is time for us to affirm that Reform Judaism's tradition of gender equality which has empowered women to become rabbis, cantors, and congregational lay leaders is not a modern and somehow less authentic invention, but emblematic of Judaism's most ancient conception of God."
The Intellectuals/Sergio Bergman - La Nacion
HUC-JIR/Jerusalem alumnus Rabbi Sergio Bergman is profiled in Argentina's La Nacion: "Usually direct in his opinions, Bergman rejects a taking a passionate position on the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip: 'In Argentina, we live peacefully and we cannot transplant the conflict from the Middle East to our territory', he says. (In Spanish)
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