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News at HUC-JIR
Dr. Reuven Firestone Presents Paper at Conference on "Rethinking Jihad" at Center for the Advanced Study of the Arab World of the University of Edinburgh
Dr. Reuven Firestone was invited to give a paper at an international conference this week in Edinburgh, Scotland at the prestigious Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World of the University of Edinburgh. The title of the conference is "Rethinking Jihad" and his paper is entitled "Divine Authority and Territorial Entitlement in Judaism and Islam, A Study of Two Interpretive Traditions." For an abstract of his paper, please click here.
Upcoming Events at HUC-JIR
HUC-JIR in Jerusalem - Your Home for the High Holy Days in Israel
September 18 at 6 pm - Rosh Hashanah Services, followed by home-cooked dinner, hosted by members of the HUC-JIR community.
September 27 at 5 pm - Kol Nidre
September 28 at 3 pm - Yom Kippur Minhah, Yizkor, and Neilah; Break Fast following Neilah

Next Week on Campus
You are invited to attend student services, sermons, recitals, and more!

September 8h at 10:50am Stephanie Clark is leading Shacharit services
September 9th at 10:50am Ariel Boxman is leading Shacharit services.
September 10th at 10:50am Michael Loving is leading Shacharit services and Nicole Roberts is serving as Ba'al Korei.

Los Angeles:
September 10th at 11:25am the Shlichai Tzibbur are Lindy Davidson & Cantor Kent,
Dan Medwin is Reading Torah, Miriam Terlinchamp is delivering the D'var Torah, and the Gabbai is Jordi Schuster.

New York:
On September 9th at 10:45am, Tracy Fishbein and Julia Rubin-Cadrain will be presenting Rosh Hashanah Eve highlights and Rosh Hashanah Morning highlights.

Dedication of New Garden at HUC-JIR/Los Angeles on Sept. 9 at 10 am Last semester, members of the student body worked to pull up approximately 200 feet worth of sod just outside the patio of the LA campus building and planted vegetable seedlings. Students have attended a meeting of a newly forming coalition in Los Angeles of Jewish organizations committed to growing their own food, sharing that food and understanding the values and texts in our tradition relevant to this process.
HUC-JIR in the News
A Rabbi Whose God Is a Loving and Long-Suffering Mother - The New York Times

Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig, a member of the HUC-JIR faculty in NY, is profiled in "Experience Necessary." Her favorite part of being a rabbi: "Delivering a good sermon. A rabbi has the right to put issues on the congregation's agenda, but has to earn that right by attending to the issues that members of the congregation place on the agenda." The accomplishment of which she is most proud: "I played a significant role in the change toward gay rabbis. I saw how long that process took. In '85, I submitted a resolution to the Central Conference of American Rabbis to open doors to gay men and lesbians. It was not changed till 1990."
Search For Meaning Leading Back To School- The Jewish Week
Rabbi Aaron Panken, vice-president for strategic initiatives and dean of admissions at HUC-JIR, saw jumps in admissions this year, with applications to the rabbinical school increasing 20 percent from last year, while the education program saw 200 percent growth. The Ph.D. program secured funding for five students. "The general kind of economic malaise in North America writ large has led to people considering graduate school as a safe haven and going into professions that may be less focused on monetary reward," said Rabbi Panken. "When Wall Street is going well, people may be swayed [to make money]. Now that that incentive has waned people recognize this is something they may have wanted to do anyway, so they go in our direction instead." He said he's observed similar increases in applications during difficult times throughout his 13-year tenure at HUC. "After 9/11 [we saw] an uptick of people interested, [similar to the] uptick during the Vietnam War," Rabbi Panken said. "With an economic downturn we see a return to core values, ethics, spirituality and things that make life worth living."
Rabbi Meets the Road -- Clarion Ledger
30-year-old Marshall Klaven is embracing in his new role as director of rabbinic services for Jackson's Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life. An institute study conducted in fall 2007 revealed 39 percent of the 344 Jewish congregations in the South's 13-state region do not have a full-time rabbi. Only two of Mississippi's 15 congregations do. Klaven is the institute's third circuit-riding rabbi who will bring spiritual leadership to these communities.
Alumni News
Rabbi Robin Nafshi Heads People-Centered Animal Sanctuary
"Most of our pets at Seer Farms are here because their owners have lost homes to foreclosure or eviction," said Rabbi Robin Nafshi, president of the organization. "Economic hardship and the resulting loss of secure housing created a pet care crisis that leaves people with few options to protect their animals. Traditional shelters are becoming overwhelmed and in desperation, some people are resulting to abandonment of their pets. Part of my role is to provide support to families as they drop off their animals."
New at the HUC-JIR Judaica Gallery in New York
Celebrate a wedding or anniversary with contemporary artist Steve Resnick's crystal tulip flutes, hand engraved with doves and olive leaves, symbolizing bounty and longevity. Each flute's Hebrew inscription is from Song of Solomon 6:3 -- Ani Ledodi and Vedodi Li, respectively. $210 plus shipping and handling. To purchase, please contact: 212-824-2218,
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