Poetry from Recent Jews By Choice

Often the most powerful expressions of joy, questioning, worry, and ambivalence are found not in prose, but in poetry. The following section includes a growing number of poetic expressions from or to recent Jews by choice.

First person poetry

A Note To Aunt Judaism by Leonore Gordon

The Stranger by Lisa Bock

Telling My Dad by Lisa Bock

What Was My Mikveh Like? by Martha Peach

Passing the Torah by Valerie Scott

The Sea of Jews by Choice by Dr. Christina Ager

An Unbroken Thread by Ariel Cohen

Chanukah by Ariel Cohen

Far Enough Out On This High Wire by Ariel Cohen

I Wanted to Record the Last Sigh by Ariel Cohen

I Brought You Fear and Some Mistrust by Ariel Cohen

I Stand On the Brink of a Heady Birth by Ariel Cohen

Pennsylvania Biennial Poetry Test Study

John Dacey Approaching by John Dacey

Lament by Ariel Cohen

Let There Be Mercy In Your Honest Eyes by Ariel Cohen

Meet More Jews by Ariel Cohen

Meet More Jews 2 by Ariel Cohen

My Destiny a Dreidel Spinning by Ariel Cohen

My Eyes Were Open Late To You by Ariel Cohen

My Fear is Not By Day by Ariel Cohen

Now the Rabbis Talk Without Me by Ariel Cohen

Response by Ruth Knott

The Converts by Chana Block

The Ledge by Ariel Cohen

The Tightest Tightrope by Ariel Cohen

The Wall by Lee Needelman

What Once Were Seeds Within Me by Ariel Cohen

Poetry written to recent Jews by Choice

For Martha by Rabbi Zachary Shapiro