Educational Resources

Have you ever met that congregant for the first time, and weren't sure what to give them to help them get started?    In this section, we will provide a wide variety of initial handouts for those interested in the conversion process, reading lists, or general items to get a potential conversion student started on their path.



A big part of trying to make conversion happen is providing the appropriate educational backdrop to encourage conversion.   In this section you will find a series of educational tools, from journaling resources all the way to program lesson plans.


Education is the key to informing people about Judaism, and the different ways of appreciating our sacred tradition.   A fantastic way to promote keruv as a welcome and relevant topic for discussion is by presenting it as a regular part of the discourse and discussion of the community.

An easy way to do this is through writing a sermon or an article within your community that can help start the discussion.  In this section, we have a few examples of this type of symbolic leadership.