Contemporary Sources

Sociological Studies on Conversion and Intermarriage

Contemporary secondary sources

Since the 1990 Jewish population survey, intermarriage and outreach have been two of the most studied and debated issues in the Jewish community. The following section contains links to many of the most important studies of the past decade dealing with rates of intermarriage, conversion, and Jewish connection throughout the Jewish community.

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Progressive Responsa

Guidelines and Policies

As you work with students it might be helpful to consider the countless responsa, both medieval and modern. These will serve as a window into many of the complicated issues of conversion and may help us answer many of the questions that may arise in our congregations.

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Psychological Impact of Conversion

Contemporary secondary sources

Our tradition teaches that one who converts to Judaism is considered "like a newborn baby" (Yeb. 22a). However, there are a number of psychological issues that come with this break from the past. The following section will examine many of these issues both for converts to Judaism and for the process of conversion in general. For this reason this section will also contain a number of Christian and secular sources.

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Helpful Scholarly Books

Contemporary secondary sources

There are a number of scholarly books that have been written that examine many of the above topics. While we cannot include them here, the following is a helpful list, many of which you can find at the HUC libraries.

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