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February 21, 2013
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HUC-JIR Celebrates Founders' Day
Each year, HUC-JIR celebrates the enduring vision of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, founder of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, founder of the Jewish Institute of Religion in New York.
  • The New York campus of HUC-JIR is celebrating JIR at 90, the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Institute of Religion, on March 18 with a student-led service and a panel discussion on "JIR: History and Legacy," with Dr. Jonathan Sarna, Dr. Mark A. Raider, and Rabbi Shirley Idelson, moderated by Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D. We are grateful to Rabbi Herbert and Esther Rose for underwriting the festivities in honor of Herbert's father, Rabbi Morris M. Rose, who was a member of JIR's Class of 1926, the first JIR class to be ordained as rabbis.
  • The Jack H. Skirball Campus of HUC-JIR in Los Angeles will celebrate Founders’ Day on March 19 with speaker Robin M. Kramer, Commissioner of the Port of Los Angeles and an independent organization and management consultant, who will present “Jewish Wings and Feet in The City of Angels.”
  • On March 21, HUC-JIR/Cincinnati will honor Alvin Lipson, President of Midwest Centers, Ltd., and Urban Management, Inc., and Governor Emeritus of the HUC-JIR Board of Governors and Chair Emeritus of the HUC-JIR Central Region Board of Overseers. The Cincinnati campus will present honorary doctorate degrees to alumni for their years of dedicated service to the Jewish people.
Inauguration of the Rabbi David Ellenson Chair in Jewish Religious Thought
The Rabbi David Ellenson Chair in Jewish Religious Thought was inaugurated with Rabbi Rachel Adler, Ph.D., during the Board of Governors Shacharit Service on February 11, 2013 at the Jack H. Skirball Campus in Los Angeles. Rabbi Ellenson stated, “I am deeply touched that the College-Institute has established this Chair and grateful to Leona Aronoff-Sadacca, a member of the Western Region Board of Overseers, and other individual benefactors and friends for their generosity in supporting this wonderful honor. It is altogether fitting that the inaugural recipient of this Chair is Rabbi Rachel Adler, Ph.D., a world-renown scholar and pioneering feminist theologian. Dr. Adler’s expertise in the areas of Jewish feminist theology and ethics; Judaism and gender; women, religion, and sexuality; and theologies of pain, suffering, and loss enriches the studies of our students and the thought leadership of the Reform Movement.”
Presentation of the Rabbi Michael Matuson Professorship for an Emerging Scholar
The Rabbi Michael Matuson Professorship for an Emerging Scholar was presented to Rabbi Joshua Garroway, Ph.D., during the Board of Governors Shacharit Service on February 11, 2013 at the Jack H. Skirball Campus in Los Angeles. Rabbi Ellenson stated, “I have known Rabbi Joshua Garroway, Ph.D., since his years as a rabbinical student in Cincinnati, where he demonstrated his impressive intellectual gifts and warmth of spirit prior to pursuing his doctorate at Yale University. He is a leading emerging scholar in his field of Early Christianity and Second Commonwealth, and is making significant contributions in the areas of Jewish identity in the ancient world, the origins of Christianity, Jewish-Christian relations in late antiquity, and postmodern historiography.”
Rabbi Amy R. Perlin Inducted onto Board of Governors of HUC-JIR
Rabbi Amy Perlin, Senior Rabbi of Temple B’nai Shalom of Fairfax Station, VA, was inducted onto the Board of Governors of HUC-JIR at its meeting on February 11, 2013 in Los Angeles. A distinguished alumna of the College-Institute, Rabbi Perlin is a visionary pioneer as the first woman rabbi to establish her own synagogue. Her passionate commitment to the vitality of the Reform Movement in North America and in Israel is a source of guidance and wisdom as we fulfill our mission to bring forth the next generations of leaders for the Jewish people.
Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Ph.D. Appointed National Director of Admissions and Recruitment and President’s Scholar at HUC-JIR
Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Ph.D., has been appointed National Director of Recruitment and Admissions and President's Scholar at HUC-JIR as of July 1, 2013. Dr. Sabath is a Senior Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, where she has also served as Vice President and Director of Rabbinic Leadership Programs. Dr. Michael Marmur, Vice President for Academic Affairs, stated, "Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Ph.D., is in the first rank of Reform thinkers and possesses a rare combination of intellectual and organizational talents. She is exactly the kind of person we want out in the field inspiring the finest women and men of their generation to apply to our various programs." Rabbi Sabath's appointment is made possible by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, which has established ground-breaking programs to connect HUC-JIR to the community with a transformative five-year, $5.225 million grant. This significant investment enables HUC-JIR to enhance its rabbinical student curriculum and to focus more of its resources on serving the Cincinnati Jewish community. This grant funding is being used to create a new Cincinnati-based Office of Recruitment and Community Engagement, which will function both to increase rabbinical student enrollment in Cincinnati by approximately 50% over the next five years, and to serve as a clearinghouse for the deployment of HUC-JIR's resources to serve local Jewish needs. A portion of the grant supports the development of the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Fellows Program - an advanced service learning curriculum that will dispatch rabbinical students to help build capacity and serve community needs through paid internships at local Jewish institutions.
Accreditation Self-Study Report
Rabbi Michael Marmur, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, has announced that the Self-Study Report of the College-Institute has been submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). He writes, "It is the product of hundreds of hours of work on the part of a large number of HUC-JIR faculty members, administrators, Governors, and other stakeholders. This document had been edited by Dr. David Dirlam, formerly our Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, and Professor Richard Sarason, ably assisted by Robert Covitz, currently our Coordinator of Institutional Research and Assessment. Professor Sarason deserves particular credit for his extraordinary commitment to this project. He has also served as a Co-Chair of the Steering Committee, which oversaw this entire process, along with Dr. Sharon Gillerman and Rabbi Shirley Idelson. It is Rabbi Idelson, Dean of our New York School, who together with her team is busy preparing for the upcoming visit of the peer review team on behalf of MSCHE, scheduled for March 17-20 2013." Please click here to read the Self-Study Report. Dr. Marmur invites you to read this Report and respond with any questions and comments at
Conference on Reform Jewish Heritage: The Wises, Einhorn, and Beyond
This spring, the Cincinnati campus of HUC-JIR and the Society for Classical Reform Judaism will celebrate the fourth year of a partnership that has enabled a new generation of rabbinical students to encounter the distinctive principles and traditions of the Reform Jewish heritage. In addition to the ongoing scholarship opportunities, liturgical resources, and annual seminars sponsored by the Society, this milestone will be marked by a special conference on the theme “reclaiming and renewing our heritage” with a variety of programs exploring the legacies of leading pioneers of the Movement. National lay and rabbinical leaders will join students and faculty, as well as others in regional Jewish communities, to explore the history, values, and vision of the American liberal Jewish tradition in three days of seminars, March 21-23, on the Cincinnati campus. Examining the foundations of Reform Judaism will point the way for building for the 21st century, say conference planners.
School of Jewish Nonprofit Management Students Encounter the Israeli Third Sector
The School of Jewish Nonprofit Management (SJNM) hosted 16 HUC-JIR and USC students, from diverse fields of study, at the end of December for the bi-annual Israel Seminar. The 13-day lecture, discussion, and field intensive was centered in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, with a one day trip to Haifa. Richard Siegel, Director, SJNM, stated, “Students came away with a better appreciation of Israeli nonprofits, particularly at a time when the government is moving away from a position of social democracy. Most important was for the students to understand the role of Israel in their future professional careers.”
VIDEO: Kumsitz in Observance of Debbie Friedman’s Second Yahrzeit
The New York campus of HUC-JIR hosted a kumsitz (sing along) in observance of Debbie Friedman’s second yahrzeit on January 24, 2013. Students, faculty, alumni, and friends joined together to sing Debbie’s music in celebration of her life. Rabbi Shirley Idelson, Dean, HUC-JIR/New York, stated, "The kumsitz was a beautiful and uplifting way to honor Debbie's memory. The evening felt magical, with Debbie's music filling the Chapel, and her spirit filling our hearts. We remain so blessed by the many gifts she gave each of us, as musician, composer, teacher, and friend."
Alumni Webinars on the Israeli Elections
The Office of Alumni Engagement and the Department of eLearning recently hosted a two-session webinar on the Israeli elections, moderated by HUC-JIR/Jerusalem scholars Jeremy Leigh and Dr. David Mendelsson. Leigh serves as Head of Israel Studies and Mendelsson serves as Acting Director of the Year-in-Israel Program. On January 15, alumni participated in a pre-election webinar: “The Upcoming Israeli Elections: Insights from HUC-JIR/Jerusalem” and on January 29, alumni participated in a post-election webinar: “Analysis and Implication of the Election Results.”
Rabbi Alan A. Kay New York School of Education Alumni Day of Learning
The New York campus of HUC-JIR hosted the inaugural Rabbi Alan A. Kay New York School of Education (NYSOE) Alumni Day of Learning on January 29, 2013. Over sixty students, alumni, faculty, and educators participated - both in person and virtually - in the study opportunity, “Sacred Teaching and Spiritual Learning,” with Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire. This event was held in honor of Rabbi Alan A. Kay, z''l, husband of former Director of the NYSOE, Professor Jo Kay, and funded by the faculty of the NYSOE. Dr. Evie Rotstein, Director, NYSOE, stated, "We honor the memory of Rabbi Alan A. Kay, beloved husband of Jo Kay, in dedicating this day of learning. Gathering as a community to learn with Rabbi Michael Shire has been a true gift."
Dr. Sarah Benor Teaches Service-Learning Course at USC
Dr. Sarah Bunin Benor, Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies, taught a service-learning course this semester in the University of Southern California Louchheim School of Judaic Studies called "Identity, Community, and Service: Jews and Other Americans." This course was developed through Dr. Benor's participation in the Jewish Studies Service Learning working group, funded by Repair the World. "Community Engagement Learning" is an emerging trend in Higher Education.
The Leadership Institute Presents "Sustaining a Model of Change and Innovation in a Challenging World"
The Leadership Institute gathered on February 11 for a symposium, “Sustaining a Model of Change and Innovation in a Challenging World.” This was the second of two symposia during the two and a half years of the Institute, when congregational teams were invited to join fellows for a day of learning. The day focused on next steps for change projects that fellows are implementing in their congregations. Dr. Evie Rotstein, Director of the New York School of Education at HUC-JIR, stated, “This was an opportunity for leaders to share and understand what leaders deem purposeful work. We want to know who they are and what makes their careers meaningful, what enhances personal interactions and how they inspire others.”
Rabbi David Ellenson Contributes to Jewish Megatrends (Jewish Lights Publishing)
Jewish Megatrends: Charting the Course of the American Jewish Future, by Rabbi Sidney Schwarz, was recently published by Jewish Lights Publishing (2013, Woodstock, VT). Schwarz looks at the social norms that are shaping the habits and lifestyles of younger American Jews and why the next generation is so resistant to participate in the institutions of Jewish communal life as they currently exist. Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President, contributed “Denominationalism: History and Hopes.”
Reform Judaism Magazine Spring 2013
Reform Judaism Magazine’s new Spring 2013 edition features articles by members of the HUC-JIR community, including Rabbi Sarah Bassin; Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor; Rabbi Michael J. Cook, Ph.D.; Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Ph.D.; Dr. Leah Hochman; Rabbi Rick Jacobs; Rabbi Cary Kozberg, Dr. Michael A. Meyer; Rabbi S. David Sperling, Ph.D.; and Rabbi Lennard Thal.
The Sexuality Spectrum at the HUC-JIR Museum in New York Nominated as Best Thematic Museum Show by The International Association of Art Critics-United States
The International Association of Art Critics-United States announced that The Sexuality Spectrum at the HUC-JIR Museum in New York has been nominated as the best thematic museum show in New York. Fellow nominees are the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and New Museum. The Sexuality Spectrum offers a groundbreaking exploration of sexual orientation through the creativity of over fifty international contemporary artists.
In the Media
And when his Rabbi Dies, the Student Tears his Clothes – The Times of Israel
Rabbi David Ellenson, President, HUC-JIR, writes, “As I have thought, in profound sadness, about my teacher and rabbi David Hartman, I have reflected on the remarkable ability he had to reach out and connect in such intense ways to so many of us. No one else in the Jewish world commanded such universal respect and devotion from so many quarters. No rabbi other than David Hartman embraced so many different types of Jews or served as such an active presence in each of our lives than David did. In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle observed that there are always reasons for friendship. This is surely true and in the case of David Hartman, there are countless reasons for the friendship, admiration, and love he evoked.”
Learning from All People – HUC-JIR Meet Our Students Blog
DeLeT fellow Audrey Kraus writes, “Ben Zoma taught: ‘Who is wise? He who learns from all people…’ (Avot 4:1). Squeezing around a table designed for sixth graders at a Los Angles Jewish day school, my classmates and I pored over this text at lunch on the first day of Kallah Bet, our second educational retreat as DeLeT fellows. Quickly, we engaged in discussing our teacher’s questions: What can we learn from other people that we cannot learn from text? What qualities must this ‘wise person’ possess in order to learn from all people? It was our capacity for openness, the mindset that would allow us to ‘learn from every one,’ that we, the 12 members of DeLeT Cohort 11, were called upon to stretch as we began Kallah Bet.”
Rethinking Jewish Life: Beyond Freedom – Jerusalem Post
Rabbi Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi, Ph.D., Lecturer in Liturgy and Incoming National Director of Recruitment and Admissions and President’s Scholar, writes, “Freedom by itself, only for oneself, is not enough. When the ancient Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, they initially demanded spiritual freedom for themselves – they wanted the spiritual freedom to serve their God. Only when they had both spiritual and physical freedom could they begin the journey toward Sinai to receive the Law; and only once they possessed a guiding legal and moral code could they begin to imagine building a just society in the Land of Israel. It was the Torah that taught us that the gift of our freedom is the ability to uphold a system of law that repeats, like a chorus, our responsibility to those who are most vulnerable.”
Defining Jewish Communal Greatness: How Ought we to Measure our Jewish Communities? – eJewish Philanthropy
Dr. Steven Windmueller, Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies, writes, “Great Jewish communities require a set of social elements if they are to sustain and grow Jewish life. When assessing the vitality of a Jewish community, these standards of measure ought to serve as an important framework. What ought we to expect of the communal enterprise, and how should we evaluate the destiny and health of our urban Jewish centers?”
Read more from Dr. Windmueller: Top Contenders in LA’s Race for Mayor Share Strong Ties to Jewish CommunityLos Angeles Times
What’s that you Say? – NJ Jewish News
The Jewish English Lexicon, created by Dr. Sarah Benor, Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies, asks people to go online and suggest “Jewish” words and definitions. The lexicon includes words you’d expect (chutzpah, plotz, mishegoss), the more esoteric vocabulary of religious Jews (chumrah, tsniusdik, emunah), and the Hebrew expressions that are regularly used by frequent visitors to Israel (b’tayavon, ruach, beseder). The lexicon suggests that the Members of the Tribe are really Members of the Tribes. “Some are Yiddish lovers,” Benor writes, “some are engaged in religious life and learning, some have a strong connection to Israel, some have Sephardi heritage, and some are all of the above.”
Justice and Faith – Odyssey Networks
Dr. Alyssa Gray, Associate Professor of Codes and Responsa Literature, writes, “Victims of human trafficking are all too frequently hidden victims in plain sight, suffering strangers walking among us. How do ethically-minded people oppress trafficked persons, you might ask? By unwittingly enabling the myriad indignities they continue to suffer every day. We are responsible for our own lack of knowledge about (or estrangement from) the pain of others.”
LA’s First Jewish Mayor?
Dr. Bruce A. Phillips, Professor of Sociology and Jewish Communal Studies, writes, “Since the mid 1950s Los Angeles has been the second largest Jewish community in the United States, but has never had a Jewish mayor. New York, by contrast, elected its first Jewish mayor, Abe Beame, in 1973, followed by Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg (currently serving). Most LA Jews expected that Zev Yaroslovsky would be our first Jewish mayor. It’s hard to imagine a more Jewish mayor than Zev Yaroslovsky.”
Dr. Phillips is also quoted in Southland Jews Go Uncounted (USC News) and Intermarriage Expected to Shape the Jewish Future (USC News).
Investment Needed In Jewish Preschool – The Jewish Week
The Jewish Early Childhood Educators Leadership Institute (JECELI) brings new and aspiring directors of Jewish preschools from throughout the United States for studying, mentorship, and community-building over the course of 15 months. The Jewish Week spoke with JECELI’s director, Lyndall Miller, who is in the midst of selecting her second cohort of fellows.
New Birthright Staff Training Program Focuses on Centrality of North American Staff – eJewish Philanthropy
Jesse Paikin, a student in the Certificate Program in Jewish Education for Adolescents and Emerging Adults, writes, “While Birthright participants do experience Israel with elements of surrealism and awe; and while we often speak of the “magic” of the Israel experience; Birthright is no magic trick. It involves great dedication, knowledge, skills, passion, and real work in both the months leading up to the trip, and in the months and years following the trip. Far from an elaborate illusion, Birthright is deeply rooted in reality.”
The Arts: Spectrum Analysis – Hadassah Magazine
The Sexuality Spectrum, an exhibition on view at the HUC-JIR Museum in New York, features contemporary artists who explore evolving social and religious attitudes toward sexuality as well as issues of inclusion, alienation, marginalization, persecution, family, illness, and aging. The exhibition, says Laura Kruger, Curator, is not about gender, feminism, homosexuality, or "sex sex," but about the multilayered range of sexuality. Born of Kruger’s personal anger at the vehement rhetoric against the gay community, which reminded her of Nazi abhorrence of “the other,” Kruger determined to create a show intended to be a celebration of life. She received HUC-JIR’s blessing to showcase art as a tool to mirror the yearning for a just and ethical world.
Natural Collection – The Jewish Exponent
The Eye of the Collector: The Jewish Vision of Sigmund R. Balka, an exhibition featuring works from a large collection of Jewish art that Sigmund R. Balka donated to the HUC-JIR Museum in New York, is now on view at Lawrence Gallery of Rosemont College. The exhibition spotlights luminaries like Marc Chagall, Max Beckman, and Louise Nevelson, as well as lesser-known artists like Ruth Leaf, Will Barnet, and Lawrence Nelson Wilbur. HUC-JIR Curator Laura Kruger’s explains, “It is very reassuring to an audience to find artists they have heard of or that they recognize. Then they are able to look at the works by artists they have never heard of with a sense of welcome, a sense of comfort.”
Dr. Sarah Benor, Associate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies, participated in the Limmud New York Conference on February 15-17. Dr. Benor presented “jPod: Trends in American Jewish Identity and Community” on March 6 at the CCAR Convention in Long Beach, CA. Cantor Bruce Ruben, Ph.D., Director, Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music, will speak on his book, Max Lilienthal: The Making of the American Rabbinate at the Center for Jewish History on March 13. Learn more.
Dr. Michael J. Cook, Bronstein Professor of Judeo-Christian Studies, served as this year's Annual Moosnick Lecturer at Transylvania University and speaker at Ohavay Zion Synagogue, both in Lexington, KY, from February 18-19. Rabbi Dvora Weisberg, Ph.D., Director of the School of Rabbinical Studies, will be the Scholar-in-Residence at Temple Emanu-El in San Diego on March 15-17.
Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President, will participate in a conversation on “The True Value of the Jewish Community” at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on May 21. Learn more. Dr. Steven Windmueller, Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies, will speak at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs National Policy Conference in Washington on March 11. Dr. Windmueller will serve as the Jewish Federations of North America scholar for the Intermediate Federation Executives Institute, to be held in Las Vegas, March 18-19.
Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Ph.D., Professor of Medieval Judaism and Islam, will present at the University of Naples on March 13. Dr. Gary P. Zola, Executive Director of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives and Professor of the American Jewish Experience, will speak at Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York on February 26 on “Abraham Lincoln and the Jews.” Learn more. On February 1-3, Dr. Zola served as the “Winter Scholar” at Larchmont Temple in Larchmont, NY. Dr. Zola represented the Jewish community at an interfaith candlelight ceremony for the victims who perished at Sandy Hook Elementary. Learn more. On December 16, Dr. Zola spoke at the newly renovated campus of Congregation Ha-Tephila in Asheville, NC, where he rededicated the same building that Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus, z’’l, dedicated 63 years ago. Learn more.
Dr. Sharon Gillerman, Associate Professor of Jewish History, will present the lecture “Another Promised Land: The Book of Esther and the Ambiguities of Diaspora” on February 28 at Lion Feuchtwanger's Esther Scroll Returns to Villa Aurora, presented by Villa Aurora and the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library at USC. This event is a collaboration between Villa Aurora and the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library at USC, and is co-sponsored by HUC-JIR.
Recruitment Update – HUC-JIR is on the Road!
Our Recruitment and Admissions Staff will be on the road, visiting communities and meeting with alumni and prospective students. If you know someone who has expressed interest in learning more about one of HUC-JIR’s programs, or if you know someone who you think would make a great student, please let us know!
Lectures at the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at HUC-JIR/Jerusalem
The Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology announces its annual lecture series, presented in Hebrew and designed to share the results of recent archaeological research to the general public in Israel. Coming up next: On February 26, Michael Freikman will present “What Mean These Stones? Tumuli, Dolmens, and other Megalithic Structures in the Prehistoric Levant.”
The Music of Bonia Shur, z''l – March 6 at HUC-JIR/New York
The Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music at HUC-JIR/New York presents a double practicum featuring the music of Bonia Shur, z’’l, with third-year cantorial students Sara Weiss and David Malecki on March 6 at 10:45 am. Bonia Shur served as Director of Liturgical Arts at HUC-JIR and had a unique impact on music in the Reform Jewish Movement in America. Free. Photo ID required for entry.
Jan Aronson: Illustrations for The Bronfman Haggadah at the HUC-JIR/New York Museum
A revolutionary Haggadah for the 21st century, The Bronfman Haggadah is a provocative and stunningly visual reinterpretation of the Passover story. A collaboration between world-renowned philanthropist and Jewish leader Edgar M. Bronfman and acclaimed artist Jan Aronson, it tells of the Exodus, the Jews' dramatic journey from slavery to freedom, in a way that will captivate generations to come. The exhibition is on view through May 30, 2013.
Breathing New Life into Reform: Creating Our Identity – March 8-10 at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati
The American Jewish Archives at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati will host “Breathing New Life into Reform: Creating our Identity,” a leadership program for high school students on March 8-10. Students will focus on how we, as Reform Jews, have used creative expression to reflect our Jewish identity and make the Jewish tradition relevant for each generation. We will explore the ways in which we use music, creative writing, and visual arts to shape who we are and how we live our lives as Jews.
Photographic Visions of the Diaspora at the Jack H. Skirball Campus of HUC-JIR in Los Angeles
HUC-JIR is pleased to present Photographic Visions of the Diaspora, on view through May 31, 2013 at the Jack H. Skirball Campus in Los Angeles. The exhibition is organized by Anne Hromadka, Guest Curator of the Art Collection and Exhibitions.
Alexi Natchev’s Printmaking Demonstration – March 31 at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati
Alexi Natchev’s hand-colored block prints, as published in Linda Leopold Strauss’ children’s book The Elijah Door, are on view now at the Skirball Museum at the Cincinnati campus. On March 31, Natchev will give a process demonstration of his hand-colored, wood block relief printmaking at 2:00 pm at the Skirball Museum.
Photo of the Week
---- My Favorite Enemy, a collaboration between top selling Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, American, and Norwegian songwriters and recording artists, performed at the New York campus of HUC-JIR on February 14, 2013. They explained how they use music to create bridges in the Middle East. The performance featured Aya Korem, Alaa Shaham, Ohad Hitman, Basel Khoury, Zaid Modhi, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Michael Hunter Ochs. With lyrics in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, My Favorite Enemy aims to prove that music is a universal language. Learn more.

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Judaica Gallery
---- Internationally renowned glass artist Steve Resnick, incorporating designs by his late wife, Valerie, has carved in cased glass a Passover Salt Water Bowl and a Passover Elijah Cup depicting the skyline of Jerusalem. Each unique, hand made piece is $350.

To purchase, please contact: 212-824-2218,

Click here for a larger image.

3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

13 King David Street
Jerusalem 94101, Israel

Los Angeles
Jack H. Skirball Campus
3077 University Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90007

New York
Brookdale Center
One West Fourth Street
New York, NY 10012


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