Texts Articulating Hopes and Dreams for Our Children

This text study includes several texts articulating hopes and dreams for future generations, including Hannah Senesh’s poem “Walk to Caesaria,” Pirkei Avot 4:1, and excerpts from several ethical […]

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Service Learning-Centered Text Study

This text study includes two stories, “The Challahs in the Ark” and “The Miser of the Town.” Both stories address the themes of helping the needy and recognition […]

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Aligning Initiatives to Vision

This exercise asks participants to match various congregations’ visions for children’s education with initiatives that grew out of the visions.  The activity illustrates how programs should be aligned […]

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Three Congregations: Aligning Visions, Goals, and Models

This document outlines three congregational models for learning, describing the congregation’s vision for education, the goals derived from the vision, and the educational model.  The model also includes […]

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