Text Study: Crossing the Red Sea

This text study from the Re-Imagine Guidebook’s sixth chapter, Moving Forward, is about the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea. The study is used […]

  • 1982

The Re-Imagine Guidebook

The RE-IMAGINE Project Guidebook consists of six chapters detailing involvement in the Re-Imagine Project. This guidebook will point the way for the Leadership Team and the Task Force. […]

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RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning: Task Force Agendas

RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning outlines three sessions for a task force to re-imagine professional learning in alignment with the congregation’s vision and the innovations currently underway. The first of […]

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Different Roles of The RE-IMAGINE Project

Four different roles of leaders in the Re-Imagine Project are defined. Communicator Role—What is the role of the communicator? The document provides ideas for communicators to effectively communicate […]

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