RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning: Task Force Agendas

RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning outlines three sessions for a task force to re-imagine professional learning in alignment with the congregation’s vision and the innovations currently underway.

The first of the three sessions helps the task force explore how best to design professional learning/development in alignment with the congregation’s vision and goals for education.  The session includes text study and materials for three core discussions: 1) shaping professional learning through beliefs and assumptions, 2) case study analysis and design considerations for professional learning, and 3) making vision concrete with an Innovation Configuration Map.

In the second of the three sessions, participants continue to work on the Innovation Configuration Maps that they began in the first session, experience a model lesson on bedikat chametz (looking for and removing chametz before Passover), and discuss the teachers’ role in the process of innovation in congregational learning.

The third and final session includes a text study on kiddush haShem (sanctifying God’s name), which demonstrates “extracting educational principles,” and a discussion of what an action plan is and how to create one for professional learning using the elements of the innovation cycle. Participants continue to work on the teacher Innovation Configuration Map, and discuss “powerful designs for professional learning.”

Please note that the Hebrew in the text study section may not display correctly.


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