Text Study: Choosing Leaders

This text study focuses on three Torah passages with the theme of selecting or appointing people to assist Moses with specific tasks (Exodus 18:17-23, Numbers 13, and Joshua […]

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Text Study: Team Roles and Facilitating Meetings

This text study focuses on Exodus 35, which describes the building of the mishkan (Tabernacle).  The discussion questions provided invite participants to reflect on the qualities needed for […]

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Text Study: Change in Jewish Tradition

This text study was created for use in the readiness process, but can also be used at any point to discuss the process of change. It provides a […]

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The RE-IMAGINE Journey

This document is a poster that outlines the RE-IMAGINE process: 1) setting the stage, 2) looking inward, 3) looking outward, 4) looking forward, and 5) moving forward.

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