RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning: Task Force Agendas

RE-IMAGINE Professional Learning outlines three sessions for a task force to re-imagine professional learning in alignment with the congregation’s vision and the innovations currently underway. The first of […]

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Text Study: Discernment

This handout includes two texts, Genesis 28:10-16 and Siach Sarfei Kodesh ii, pg 80, #260.  Both texts focus on the trait of discernment.  The questions are designed to […]

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Text Study: Communication

This text study includes three texts: Mishnah Gittin 8:1-2, Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 2:2-3, and Esther 8:8-14.  All three texts explore methods of communication and delivering of messages, and […]

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Aligning Initiatives to Vision

This exercise asks participants to match various congregations’ visions for children’s education with initiatives that grew out of the visions.  The activity illustrates how programs should be aligned […]

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Who Makes the RE-IMAGINE Project a Success?

This short presentation outlines the makeup of the RE-IMAGINE leadership team and task force, describing each member’s role on the team.  The presentation may be used to explain […]

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