Making the Commitment: Exodus 12

This text study includes Exodus 12:1-13 and Rashi’s comment on verse 13.  The passage describes the commandments to keep the holiday of Passover, and the commandment to put […]

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Sacred Surprise: Jacob’s Dream

This text study includes Genesis 28:10-22 and Rashi’s comment on verse 11.  The passage describes Jacob’s dream during his journey from Beersheva to Haran, in which he sees […]

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Texts for Connection

This text study includes 5 different texts, mostly modern, that deal with a variety of subjects including communication, making change, inspirational stories, and work-life balance.  The questions provided […]

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Texts for Hopes and Dreams for Your Child

This text study includes modern and medieval texts about parents’ hopes for their children, including a letter from President Obama to his daughters, an excerpt from Sholom Aleichem’s […]

  • 1022

Texts Articulating Hopes and Dreams for Our Children

This text study includes several texts articulating hopes and dreams for future generations, including Hannah Senesh’s poem “Walk to Caesaria,” Pirkei Avot 4:1, and excerpts from several ethical […]

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Meeting Guide for Social Connector Conversation

Social connection conversations can be impactful and informative. They build community and foster relationships. The following document from Express Innovation is an outline and text to support a […]

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