Why Change

Addresses motivations for change, and provides a vision of education as it could be. Includes articles, speeches, and other materials.

Text Study: A Taste of the World to Come

This text study focuses on an excerpt from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s book “The Sabbath,” in which he quotes the Sages, who said that Shabbat is “a taste […]

  • 1480

Text Study of Yitro: Re-Imagining Leadership

This text study focuses on the advice Yitro gives his son-in-law Moses about sharing the burden of adjudicating cases for the people (Exodus 18:13-22).  The study questions encourage […]

  • 1356

Text Study: The Need for Change

This text study links traditional Jewish sources and writers on organizational change to encourage participants to reflect on the nature of change in the congregation and why it […]

  • 1420

Text Study: Change in Jewish Tradition

This text study was created for use in the readiness process, but can also be used at any point to discuss the process of change. It provides a […]

  • 1870